‘Men’ Trilogy Media Release

e-books now available to accompany Brian Walsh’s documentary trilogy devoted to Men

August 2021

Psychologist & filmmaker Brian Walsh has developed facilitator and self-led guides to help men work with their emotions. Both the e-books and the documentary videos are available for free online.

Mental health is improved by accurately communicating how you feel and think. Brian has worked with hundreds of men who have difficulty in expressing their thoughts and feelings. This has led to his Men Trilogy, where he interviews 60 men, including gender fluid, from all walks of life, aged 14 to 80. Funny, sad, and wise revelations lift the lid on why men struggle to identify and express their emotions.

Brian says “The e-books to accompany the films will assist you to notice how you may be similar to or different from multi-generational men. Complete a workbook and recognise how learning to safely express these emotions can transform your life.”

Our society is in a paradigm shift about what it means to be male. “Men need to be more authentic, self- aware, express a greater range of thoughts and feelings, and seek more meaningful connection in relationships,” he explains.

You can watch the films with accompanying e-books by yourself, or in a group. “Many people have found it useful to have these conversations with their children, relatives, colleagues, or friends.

Some organisations have incorporated them into their training & development activities”, Brian said. Questionnaires help you to identify those ‘feelings we don’t talk about’, and give you tools to better express yourself.

Men & Love (2019) chronicles the thoughts of 17 men talking about love. Witness singer songwriter Mike Brady’s life journey – how he’s learned love is more important than anything else, saying ‘it’s never too late’; Father Peter Malone’s views on love that isn’t genital; Associate Professor Warrick Brewer reflecting on the fundamental nature of love in relationships, and why musician Paul Fergus Morris is coy telling his partner what he loves about her.

Men & Anger (2017) details the experiences of 16 men – including what Executive Director of Orygen Youth Mental Health Services, Professor Patrick McGorry AO; former Victorian Commissioner of Police, Kel Glare AO; and author Ray Mooney – think about anger and the role it plays in their lives. Ray identifies the need for self-management ‘drills’, while others talk about dealing with their fear or shame.

Men & Crying (2014) features the thoughts of 28 men about the taboo subject of crying and what happens when you repress crying. Hear Eric, a young installation artist laugh about how he used crying growing up to get what he wanted, Keith a psychologist in his 60’s who says he has seldom cried, and why most men confess to only crying in movie theatres.

The Trilogy has been aired on Channel 31 TV, and Brian has been interviewed on Channel 7’s Weekend Sunrise and ABC radio.

The e-Books are accessible for free at kailashstudios.com with films on youtube.com/KailashStudios

Contact for enquiries: Brian Walsh E: [email protected] M: 0427 865 881

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