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Brian Walsh of Kailash Studios presents the first and second of his trilogy (third topic Men & Love to be released 2018):


Brian and hip hop artist Jacob Pugh

Brian and hip hop artist Jacob Pugh

2017 ‘Men and Anger’ is the second film in a trilogy, the first – ‘Men and Crying’ – was released in 2014, and featured on Channel 7’s ‘Weekend Sunrise’ on Saturday 7th January 2017, while the third ‘Men and Love’ is scheduled for completion by 2018.

Brian has observed that men often struggle:

  1. identifying their emotions, particularly anger, and
  2. expressing their anger in constructive ways.

‘Men and Anger’ chronicles the thoughts and feelings of sixteen (16) men, aged 18 to 80, from a variety of backgrounds and experiences; featuring consultant neuropsychologist, senior lecturer & researcher, University of Melbourne Assoc. Prof Warrick Brewer, executive director of Orygen Youth Mental Health Services Professor Patrick McGorry AO, author/playwright/former Pentridge prisoner Ray Mooney, and former Chief Commissioner of Police Kel Glare AO and including mental health professionals, tradesmen, students, unemployed men, captains of industry, retirees, hip hop and creative artists.

In conversation they answer:

  • How often do you feel angry?
  • Can you describe what happens in your body when you are angry?
  • Are there particular triggers that invite your anger?
  • Are you comfortable expressing your anger?
  • As a child what did you learn about anger in your family of origin and/or the community you grew up in?
  • Do you see anger as synonymous with violence?

and finally,

  • What do you think we could do to help men deal with their anger positively and safely?

Be amazed and intrigued by their open, honest and courageous responses to a critically important aspect of human behaviour. Hip hop artist Jacob Pugh performs ‘Whispers’ from his EP ‘Cloud of Doubt’

‘Men and Anger’ is available as a community service on Brian’s website and on

For support please contact The Australian Psychological Society 1800 333 497, Beyondblue 1300 224 636 or Lifeline 13 11 14.

First topic ‘Men & Crying’

MEN & CRYING 33 minute documentary (2014)

Men & Crying from Brian Walsh on Vimeo.

28 Men

28 men talk candidly to Brian Walsh, psychologist and filmmaker, about men and crying.

what makes men cry?;

  • the last time they cried?;
  • how often they cried?;
  • do they cry publicly as well as privately?;
  • do they apologise for crying?;
  • how do they feel about men crying in public?;
  • what did they learn about crying growing up?

Aged 14 to 86, from industrial relations, architecture, transport, creative arts, secondary school, advertising, psychology, business management, sales, event management,

University, and sports, these men speak honestly and courageously.

Narrated by Melbourne actor and voice over specialist Peter Hatherley.

Title track ‘Tears’ written by Brian Walsh & Jacob ‘Vijilantee’ Pugh; performed by Jacob ‘Vijilantee’ Pugh and Daniel Hoskin.