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At Kailash Studios we produce psychologically based short films:


  • Short, stimulating, philanthropic educational films and documentaries for general distribution

  • Promoting awareness and discussion of significant social issues

The ‘MEN’ Trilogy
MEN and Crying, MEN and Anger, MEN and Love
– three unique Australian documentaries

Introducing the ‘MEN Trilogy’ Facilitator’s Guide eBooks to accompany the ‘MEN’ documentaries

My aim in creating the MEN series of documentaries is to promote discussion; increase awareness; identify safe effective ways to express thoughts and feelings; and invite behavioural change. I believe we need to assist boys and men to find positive and appropriate ways to identify and express their emotions, particularly anger, through thought and word.

Brian Walsh

A Facilitator’s Guide eBook for each ‘Men’ documentary can be used to assist facilitating individual and group discussions. Download is available on Brian’s Blog page.

A Facilitator’s Guide – Men and Crying
A Facilitator’s Guide – Men and Love
A Facilitator’s Guide – Men and Anger

The documentaries are designed to serve as conversation starters. The films explore men’s thoughts and personal experiences of Crying, Love and Anger.

As well as watching the films as individuals, groups may use them as a basis for broader discussion.

Facilitators may also use these guides to lead group discussions. eBooks are provided as a community service and not done for profit or to attract business.

These guides contain the questions asked at interviews and selected responses from interviewees, which can be used to promote reflection by individuals in addition to facilitating group discussions.

The material presented in these guides is distributed by Brian Walsh as an information source only. Brian Walsh has no objection to the material being reproduced or made available online or electronically, provided it is for non-commercial use and provided this material remains unaltered and Brian Walsh is acknowledged as the author.

Apart from this, and any other use permitted by the Copyright Act 1968, all rights are reserved, and no part of this material may be reproduced without written permission of Brian Walsh.